December 06, 2014

Refresh Page - 8 Things I would like to dump this year

      As we proceed into the lovely holiday season its time to make those new year resolutions which we all toast to and then forget about immediately the day after just like all the events of the night. Then that kill joy teetotaler buddy will re-enact all the important moments that you deserve to remember which just has to include your resolutions. But this year I have a blog post to remind me. Great. Just Great. 
     Well, lets start that count down without further a-do.

#8 Procrastinators. Unite. TOMORROW. 

          I just have to get round to attending to stuff more immediately than usual. I am a stickler for deadlines when it comes to work but it simply just does not apply to anything else. Procrastination and terrible memory are best friends. The consequences of which can be disastrous. I was supposed to pick up a present for a friend after my trip to Delhi. I put it off until the last day. Then I thought : Hey, that's what all the shops in the airport are for. Then I forgot. Again. Oops!

#7 Dil pe mat le yaar!

         I can be quite touchy about certain things. What annoys me most is when people tell you not to take offence and tell you something very offending. If I had to keep taking all the offence then there wouldn't be much offense left for the rest of the world. So I've decided to let go and just Chill maadi.

#6 Live. Large. and Lager.

         Life can change for the worse without warning. I've decided to stop worrying about tomorrow and just enjoy the moment and down that lager. Who knows how long the good times will last? Because YOLO. (Gosh, I've been wanting to say that for a while.) 

#5 Hit the road Jack, Don't you come back no more. 

      This year I plan to dump all those people who constantly extract what they want from you and don't have an ounce of gratitude. So it's time to dump the 'users', the 'overly needy', 'the tear machines', the 'borrowers' and the rest of the variety of annoying people. They're a waste of time and energy.   

#4 Baggage. 

      There's a logical reason behind airlines having baggage limits. If an aircraft got too heavy it probably just wouldn't take off at all. I think the same applies to our brains. Here's to deciding to 'carry on, carry on, like nothing really matters'.  

#3 I believe you. Kasam se! 

      A lot of incidents in the past have just made me trust the human race as much as I trust pop-up messages on websites claiming I won half a million dollars for being their millionth visitor. I cannot seem to be able to trust a person without a long psychoanalysis test running in my head. I think maybe I should just learn to be slightly more instinctive . 

#2 Thou shall not be judged based on your musical influences. 

      If you could sing the Bohemian Rhapsody fully, along with the backing vocals and the falsetto I would have already asked you to marry me. That also just reduced my chances of finding a suitable partner by at least 60%. I would certainly appreciate a good rendition of Beiber's 'U Smile' or 'Pehla nasha'. I promise not to judge. At least you tried. I promise to stop judging accquintances based on the music they like.  

#1 Empty recycle bin.  

       No this isn't something philosophical. I really need to clear out the temporary files on my computer for all practical purposes. I will remember to do it when I come back to read this post. Now you know why #8 is a REAL problem. 

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