November 30, 2014

5 Most Frustrating Things to happen to an Architect

    It's definitely fun to design buildings, sit at fine teak drawing boards, work with the latest tech and big screens that make every presentation look fabulous. The daily life of an architect can be as much fun as it can be frustrating. Here are the top five things that drives every architect crazy at some point.

#5. Your trial period has expired. 

       I'll have to admit, not all of us have the monetary resources to buy original software. Especially if it's for every computer in the office, but then again there's all the free software to go around thanks to those very generous souls at 'The pirate Bay'. We go to the elaborate intricacies of tricking the computers to stop syncing the date and day so we get an extended extended extended trial period. Then one day we, almost by reflex, start up some software while connected to the internet. BUSTED!!! In a matter of seconds, every single 'important' software begins to ask you for a serial number and product key simultaneously. Now you can't get any work done because all of the software's trial period expired two years ago and you need to reinstall every one of them. Bah. Humbug.   

#4. Meeting advanced to a few days earlier. 

      So, you've planned an elaborate dinner with that special someone. You've made reservations, dressed up in your favorite outfit, cut back on lunch to save up space for dinner and then it happens. You receive that dreaded phone call/email informing you that a meeting that wasn't to take place in weeks was suddenly being advanced to the next morning due to unforeseen circumstances. Now you have to cancel plans and prepare yourself for a really long night at the office trying to get all the work done. Frustrating isn't it?

#3. Plotter is out of ink. 

Just when you wanted to print, say about twenty odd drawings, the faithful printer that worked perfectly until a minute ago decides to notify you about the dangerously low ink levels. You decide to TRY and print anyway with the low ink levels and end up with half a page printed and the rest all blank. Oh B(R)OTHER! Pun intended.  

#2. AutoCAD is unresponsive.

You are furiously 'cadding' away the last few precious hours right before a meeting or viva voce exam. You are desperate for something substantial to show and then it happens. Your AutoCAD throws the 'unresponsive' warning at your face almost taunting your inefficiency. Well, thanks for that AutoCAD. You are such a great help. 

#1. Forgot to Ctrl+S.  

     This really deserves #1 slot. It will want to make you tear your hair our in frustration when you realize that none of your progress has been saved after you've fixed your unresponsive AutoCAD file because you were so engrossed in filling in hatches inside columns in plan and you forgot to Ctrl+S every ten minutes. Whats worse is that most of the time the hatch is the reason AutoCAD crashes in the first place.
     At this point you might as well just go sleep. You're doomed after this so why bother!  

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