December 01, 2014

Reasons To Love December

     It's finally that time of year. Time has flown. It feels like yesterday that I sat in a room full of random people with a friend waiting to usher in the new year. What's not to love about the holidays. Here are my reasons as to why we should enjoy this season. 

#1 Holiday Time means Family Time.

It's that time of year when the whole family gets together. The house is hustling and bustling with relatives, catching up and bonding. Nice family dinners with fine food. Best part? The NRI aunts and uncles bring you all the goodies you were secretly waiting for all year. Finally, you can click selfies with your new iPhone or play Assassins Creed on the latest model of the Xbox.     


Who doesn't love a year end clearance sale? Every shop front in every mall is plastered with the famous pointy bubbles - up to 60% off, 'Buy one get one free', '3 for the price of two'.The only time of year when we can get our hands on high street brands for knock off prices. Like it matters that the style is last season, we all still love a nice piece from Aldo. 

#3. Dress in your best. 

December is full of parties, dinners, brunches and movie dates with family and friends. Such a good time to get out all those nice outfits you hoarded all year and turn December into your own personal Fashion Week. It's mandatory to look amazing in all the holiday photographs. Else how will people know you are having a blast? 

#4 High 'Spirits'

Winter is that time of year when Jack, Johnnie and Captain Morgan are your best friends. The family dinners accompanied by the Moet & Chandon, office parties with the scotch, no one can blame you for being in such high spirits. December allows you that margin to shamelessly down Bloody Marys without being judged. Why? Because we are celebrating! Celebrating what? Everything!  

#5 Peace. Goodwill. Cake.   

Holiday season is when we all feel the sudden urge to forgive and forget and make peace offerings to all of those people we didn't speak to all year. Suddenly we feel like unblocking people from social media, getting back in touch old friends. After all, December is all about bringing peace, joy and goodwill and not to forget the yummy plum cake. 

Here's hoping everyone enjoys their Holiday Season this year. 
Live it up because life is short or just simply because it's DECEMBER! 

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