May 27, 2016

A Schizophrenic's Monologue

      After close to a year long sabbatical, I am back to blogging. Sometimes life gets in the way and you just don't have the time to keep a hobby going. Writing academic papers can be draining emotionally and physically. Yet in the long run, I realised that given a chance, blogging might be just as therapeutic as playing music or cooking (Im talking restaurant class quiche and tapas).   

So here's picking up where I left off and without further ado .....attempting this weeks #indiSpire prompt...Characters in movies that influenced my life. 

February 07, 2015

10 Movies to watch this Valentines

It's February and Valentines Day is a week away. For those of you spending this Valentines alone or away from your special someone then do what I always recommend for a quiet day at home. MOVIE MARATHON. Pull on your favorite pajamas, order some pizza, hit the couch and practically exploit this amazing world that is Netflix. (No im not plugging Netflix, there's coke and popcorn and watch series in case y'all need options). Check out my pick of romcoms, fantasy and chick flicks this Valentines.   

January 31, 2015

Solar Panels and Sketch Pens. #SocialworkSaturday

We weren't ready!! Candid group photo of some participants 
        After a close to a month long hiatus from blogging and with people asking me what I was going to write next I decided it was finally time to sit down and write a post. Sorry guys! Anyway, lets get down to it. 

January 18, 2015

Books, Food and Truck Loads of Fun #LitforLife2015

What might this be? Pass/brochure for the Lit for Life 2015 

     Post Pongal literature fest is just what every book lover in Chennai looks forward to in January. The Hindu Lit for Life 2015 was a mix of utopian ideas, profound philosophy and great sense of humour. Read on for more on the festival.