May 27, 2016

A Schizophrenic's Monologue

      After close to a year long sabbatical, I am back to blogging. Sometimes life gets in the way and you just don't have the time to keep a hobby going. Writing academic papers can be draining emotionally and physically. Yet in the long run, I realised that given a chance, blogging might be just as therapeutic as playing music or cooking (Im talking restaurant class quiche and tapas).   

So here's picking up where I left off and without further ado .....attempting this weeks #indiSpire prompt...Characters in movies that influenced my life. 

     I'm one of those people who has no problem making friends...its keeping them that takes a lot more effort. I have a few good ol' friends though, who I made over the two decades of my existence on this miserable planet. They're wonderful people with strong personalities who, sort of, peacefully co-exist in a large cozy cluttered room - also called my mind. They gossip, argue, sulk and celebrate and most of all help me stay grounded. 

    You see that man? Sitting on the Eames chair pensively smoking his Cuban cigar? That's Vito Corleone. No. DON Corleone - gangster, gunrunner, mafia boss but most importantly a father. Vito is a simple man with simple principles. Ever since Vito entered the house, he's been admired as much as he's feared. 
"Ah piccola!! Don't talk to your mother like that!" Vito yelled every time I stormed off after throwing a fit. Vito's rule in life was 'family first'. The times I've wanted to run away from home, to the times someone has insulted a family member Vito's fixed the problem. He always made an offer I could not resist. Rather he always made a good point. Blood is thicker than water...and whiskey. (Vito Corleone - The Godfather)

     Looking out the window into the far distance is Dagny Taggart, CEO of Taggart Transcontinental. Supposedly the world's most successful railway company. Dagny needed no introduction. She came, she saw, and she ultimately changed the wallpaper and then furniture except for Vito's armchair. Vito always thought Dagny was a bit much but he loved her steel guts and level headedness. When the whole world seemed to think an idea was insane Dagny said, "Well, do it anyway"...and she was right most of the time. Dagny is the force behind some of the biggest decisions of my life. She made the most impossible things seem so easy. She made me believe dreams were plans that just needed to be executed. She inspired me to work hard, strive for perfection, give credit where it's due and never take NO for an answer. I wish to be like Dagny one day, to be someone strong, independent and confident in her own skin. (Dagny Taggart - Atlas Shrugged)

     All this while I've been talking you've been stealing glances at somebody. If you're wondering who that man is, that absolutely dashing man in silver robes, that's Thranduil, the Elvenking, the ruler of Mirkwood. How he got here you ask? Not the slightest idea! I wonder how such an ethereal soul manages to get by in the mad house that is my brain. Thrandiul is the epitome of grace, poise and the poker-face. Never really talks much but when he does everyone listens, including myself. The king of Mirkwood keeps me out of trouble. I've learnt from him the importance of being diplomatic and tactful in order to maintain good relations with people around me. Thranduil and I share a weakness - the weakness for pretty and expensive things. Every time I pass a boutique, Thranduil glides over and whispers, "How marvellous! You most definitely need those silver earrings. They are so shiny, plus they will match that lovely blue dress!" Now how does one refuse the Elvenking? One doesn't. 
(Thranduil - The Hobbit)

     The last member of this phenomenal gathering is Iris. Iris Simpkins, editor for the 'Daily Telegraph' wasn't so much of a favourite until very recently. I never really liked Iris, perhaps because she reminded me a lot of myself. Iris used to be such a push-over and then she just acquired this skill called 'gumption', landed a nice lad and is happier than ever. Now she's after me to try it too. Iris talked me into playing the blues for a fundraiser the other day. I vividly remember her saying, "It doesn't matter what they think! Do it because if you don't, you'll always wonder what it might have been like if you did." She always makes me feel like a star. Whenever I am a little blue or a little diffident, Iris would exclaim in exasperation "You're supposed to be the leading lady in your own life, for God's sake!" while Vito quietly chuckled, Dagny would simply add "You know she's right!" (Iris Simpkins - The Holiday)

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