December 09, 2014

The Bad Cookies - 10 People Nobody Needs

        If you have been miserable or partly miserable lately, I'm quite sure that some of these bad cookies will be THE reason for some or even all your problems. What do I think? None of these people deserve a place in your life no matter who they are and how long you've known them. Read on for the 10 people you ought to dump this December. 

#1 Agony Aunts 

       These could be friends or colleagues who give out more free advice than ladoos on Diwali. They're constantly tell you what to do about relationships, about life, about your appearance whether you like it or not. They judge you and everyone around them. They're self-appointed therapists who have to remind you how miserable you are every other day and remind you that 'they told you so'. Everybody is born with average intelligence and a conscience. We DON'T need yours. Thanks.  

#2 Les Miserables 

        These people just fell out of a Prime-time Soap Opera on TV. They always manage to ruin a special moment or a nice sunny morning by turning on the tear tap and you are simply obliged to listen to them cry about their sick dog, their dead great great great grand mother who they never had the chance to meet but made wonderful sweaters. Please just do us a favor and climb back into the TV.  

#3 The Problem Magnet

        Those friends you have to constantly bail out of a sticky situation. You've had to bail them out of jail for drunk driving, smoking pot, for eve-teasing, from local pawn brokers and even scary looking goons. These guys will be ever so grateful to you but no sooner do they get out of one problem there's another waiting for them right round the corner. Over time you will find yourself dragged into issues thanks to them. There's a reason they say "Don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you". 

#4 The Evil Masterminds 

       This is that category of people that can talk a crowd into supporting their own cause. You generally can't tell that you're being arm twisted into doing something you had no intention of doing in the first place and by the time it hits you, it's too late. You are already in too deep. Evil Masterminds are constantly scheming and never want anything good for anyone and can make friends into enemies over night. These people are not the pleasantest company. Keep a VERY very safe distance. 

#5 The Freebie Friend

       These people just never seem to own anything. ANYTHING! They will borrow money, books, stationery, clothes and at times even your work. You've probably figured out by now that anything borrowed is never coming back. Consider it gone, money and all. These artful dogers always seem to be in such hardship that they cannot return a few hundred bucks because they went bankrupt buying a new plasma TV. For once its actually OK to extract your pound of flesh, else don't complain.  

#6 The Frenemy 

        Well its not going to be easy to just let these people go but frenemies in reality make you more unhappy than happy. They are nice people but to them you are competition, in every single way imaginable. They like spending time with you but every minute is spent assessing how well your doing at work, how good you look, how you host a social gathering because they want to do it better, a hell lot better. Why? They can't really help it. So do youself the favor and just LET IT GO! Elsa will be very proud. 

#7 The Jabbernaut 

        Have you ever found yourself wasting so much of your time listening to one person talk and talk and talk about nothing in particular? They will talk to you about the weather to the kids in Africa when you really ought to be getting some serious work done. They feel this incessant urge to say something almost as if silence to them is like a sign of impending doom. You find yourself leaving most of the talking to them because you have nothing to offer to the conversation and you oblige them because you dont want to be impolite. Do yourself the favour and just change your seat. 'Creative energy' is always a good excuse.   

#8 The Gossip Junkie

       New people on the block? Neighbour killed off her husband? Servant ran away with the employer? Want to know whats trending on the grape vine? Your gossip junkie will provide you with an all access pass into the lives of practically everyone you know, provided you have an opinion to offer. This can become a nuicance, these nosy parkers. They probably know more about you than yourself. Unless you really care about who recently got a nose job you seriously Do NOT need these guys hanging around. Never know when it will blow right up in your face. 

#9 The Flashbacks

        The people who never did you any good in the past who seem to make reappearances every now and then only to cause more turmoil in your perfectly okay life. Ex's - Ex-lovers, ex-friends, ex-bosses, ex-everything. X them out. Enough said.  

#10 The M.I.As 

      These are friends who are never really there when you need them. They are friends who never answer phone calls, reply to texts or show up at lunches and go off grid . Yet, they always seem to resurface when they need something from you. They are non-existant most of the time and its best it stays that way.    

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Happy Holidays!