June 02, 2014

The things you hear from professors at Architecture School!

Welcome to Architecture School where some professors just make you want to cry and some just make you want to kill them a hundred different ways in your head. Here are some of the things professors have already told you or are most likely to tell you when you join architecture school that will drive you to your wits end. 

#1. So, what exactly is your CONCEPT?
This line definitely deserves #1 slot. A professor will ask you the same question at the beginning of a design project and at the end of it. It is that question that will make you want to tear you hair out in frustration after you have shown them an extended PowerPoint presentation and sketches and occasionally even a conceptual model of what your building might be at the end of the design process. Really, sometimes I wonder if professors ask you that because the concept has actually gone over their heads. 

#2. Your building looks like a box. This is not architecture. 
Okay! Alright! You love DeCon! We get it. So you mean to say that Frank Lloyd Wright and Van der Rohe built boxes? They probably just turned in their graves.

#3. Your design is missing SOMETHING.
Its missing something. Hmm...I wonder what and I will continue to wonder if you DON'T tell me what the something is. The professor won't tell you nine out of ten times because I bet he doesn't know himself. 

#3. You're drawing does not look TO SCALE.
Well, that really depends on what they mean by 'scale'. So I didn't want to spend a fortune on expensive print outs from the plotters so I put two floor plans on one sheet and just because another student printed his one plan per page at 1:100 that really does not mean mine is NOT to scale. Or it just might be because I decided to take it into Photoshop and let it 'free transform' as I was too exhausted to care. Then Guilty as charged.   

#4. The colors you have used seem a little washed out. 
So much for water colors. I should use felt pens next time or your blood! 

#5. Your area statement seems to exceed/fall short of the required FSI.
Okay perhaps I usurped the neighboring plot because I needed the space for car-parking but how would you know. Hey wait. Is that a trick question?

#6. I had such high expectations of you.
Oh Boo-hoo! Too bad! 

#7. This design looks familiar. Are you sure I wont find it on the internet?
Oh my gosh! He did not just say that. Bring in that polygraph I say!

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