June 02, 2014

The Architect - Breaking through the Stereotype

   The quintessential architect has been depicted in TV shows (Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother), movies (Robert Downey Jr. in the Due Date), books (Howard Roark in The Fountainhead) and YouTube videos as obnoxious, narcissistic intellectuals with gigantic egos. Here is a post on some myths about architects in general.  

#1. Code BLACK:
I've read in more places than one about how architects swear by wearing black. Architects meet dozens of people everyday from clients to consultants to contractors. So dressing sloppily isn't exactly being professional and black just happens to be one of the safest colors to wear to meetings and conferences. That doesn't mean we have absolutely nothing but black in our wardrobes. In fact, I do know an architect who, given the choice, would wear blue every day of the week.  

This just might be true. We do indeed exploit coffee machines where ever we can find them. Almost every student of architecture or practicing architect would have had phases where they stayed awake for 48 hours. We practically have no choice but to stay up all night working when we need to meet a deadline or prepare for that very very very important client meeting. THAT is why we need COFFEE! Well, of course, for those of us who don't really like coffee there's always tea and RedBull. I also know someone who chews on ice to keep awake. Disturbing? 

#3. The Contractor's worst NIGHTMARE:
This is true but it really isn't our fault. We just have to give contractors a hard time because we need the construction carried out exactly the way we want it because only we know what the building is supposed to look like and why things are put where they are. 

Also true. You will see most architect's walk around with the latest tech in the market. From the latest phones, to computers, to headphones we must own them all. By all I mean ALL.  

#5. All architects are ARTISTS:
That really depends on your definition of art. All architects can basically draw and paint and would own a sketchbook in which they keep a record of all the buildings they see or ideas they thought of. We did spend quite a few hours in the art studio but not all of us have a stash of cubist abstracts in our garage. 

If you know any more bizarre and funny things people assume about architects do share in the comments below!