December 15, 2014

Playlist 2014 - Part II - Desi Beats

     2014 was a very interesting year and my Desi Playlist 2014 features 10 songs which remind me of some very good times. 2014 has also been the year of the doubles - Sunny Sunny, Bang Bang, Tooh Tooh (yes, that Kareena number), Saturday Saturday ,Mileya Mileya - like seriously now! Can't we be a little more creative?   
Hate them, love them, you just have to admit that some of these songs just got the party going and had us nodding along helplessly. Some of them just lifted your spirits and some of them turned into a sucker for love.  

#1 Valentine Mash-up 2014 - Kiran Kamath

       Kiran Kamath is the reason I needed to gift myself flowers and chocolate. The Valentine Mash-Up 2014 played on every Bollywood music channel, every mall, every radio-station on loop through out February. I happened to be staying alone at New Delhi and trust me it's absolutely depressing when you have to spend Valentines alone in a city that loves to do things BIG or not to do it at all. Love was in the air and it was infectious. Jokes apart. I must admit Kiran has effortlessly put together this Mash-up that left his listeners wanting more.    

#2 Sandi Kuthirai - Kaaviyathalaivan

        Rock and roll baby!! 'Sandi Kuthirai' really felt like 'Jail House Rock' Chennai style. Perfect song to shake a leg after a few rounds of scotch. I had to try very hard not to break into dance inside the cinema hall during the movie. A.R. Rahaman really outdoes himself every single time. 

#3 I'm a Freak - Salim Sulaiman Remix

      Okay fine. Enrique Iglesias (another frequent choice for Man-Crush-Monday) originally recorded 'I'm a Freak' but for once the remix of the song by Salim Sulaiman gets your groove on in an instant.    

#4 Zehnaseeb - Hasee Toh Phasee

      This song was so cute that my mum called me from Chennai to tell me she wanted it downloaded for her. *D-aww* 

#5 Ding Dong - Jigarthanda

         Having a bad day? Absolutely annoyed or burning mad? No problem. Put on your bling, get your shades on, fold that lungi, pull that aruvaal out and slice some ....tender coconut and SIMPLY chill. Wait....did you think I was going to advocate killing people? Shame on you! Anyway, Ding Dong is that song you feel like playing in the background when you walk into a corporation office to get corrections made on your Adhaar Card. Makes your frame of mind loud and clear to those lousy government employees. *smirk*

#6 Tune Maari Entriyaan - Gundaay

       This was my morning song for weeks after the movie released. It just gave me that extra kick of energy to take a shower, get dressed and get to work in probably ten minutes tops. Sometimes I've had to make quite an entry because sometimes the boss would already be in and I have to act like I was desperate to make it to work on time. But no bells rang post the big entry anyway.  

#7 Locha-e-ulfat - 2 States

     Gaahh!! Why wasn't my college as fun as this. Imagine randomly breaking into dance in the corridors and better still sitting for class in a Louis Kahn building. I guess I probably subconsciously hummed this tune wondering the same thing about a guy "Ban ke museebat, peechhe padi hai, yeh comedy hai, ya tragedy hai?". Well if Locha-e-ulfat was solved is a different story altogether.  

#8 Bang Bang - Bang Bang!

      I remember being bamboozled into watching this movie with my best friend simply because she is Hrithik Roshan's #1 fan. (That's what they all say!) Although the movie was a complete no-brainer, Vishal - Shekar and Salim -Sulaiman salvaged it with some really creative club-lounge-dance numbers. Tu Meri and Bang Bang have been on the top of the charts since their release. At least that gives producer Siddarth Anand a little something to be happy about.    

#9 Selfie Pulla - Kaththi

      From the makers of 'Why this Kolaveri di' is another attempt at a witty song. 'Selfie Pulla' mentions almost every social networking platform from Facebook to Instagram. The result? A hit with the Yo-Yo boys of Chennai city and the rest of us hitting our heads *facepalm* But hey that doesn't mean we didn't sing along when the song came on the radio. 

#10 Maatram Ondruthaan - Kochadaiyaan

       'Maatram Ondruthaan' is a brilliant song about 'change' arranged by A.R. Rahman and sung by Haricharan. The experience of watching a Superstar Rajani movie on the first day is one of a kind. Maatram Ondruthaan which has some great visuals sends chills down your spine with its fine lyrics and powerful voices. A.R. Rahman is bloody genius. 

Whether you are North Indian or South Indian give all these songs a chance. There were probably other better songs in 2014 but this list is off the top of my head. 
Listen, enjoy and sing along to them Desibeats.

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Happy Holidays Folks!!