December 24, 2014

Aspire to Inspire! #bloggeraward

      A big big thank you to +Sandhya Suri who nominated me for the award. Great way to start off Christmas Day. I'm glad my blog inspires and here is hoping to contribute to society in my own little way.
In order to complete this I nominate a few other blogs that inspire. 
1. Matheikal's Blog (for excellent analysis of current affairs, satire and inspiring thoughts)
2. Between Cups of Coffee (I just had to!)
3. Fashionable Foods 
4. Joshi Daniel (Photography level: Mind Blown)
5. Harstuff-Travel 
6. My Yatra Diary 

Now for to the Seven things about myself that I must mention

#1 Never Say NEVER
Everything in life is worth a shot. Every experience counts. Get out there and do something if it makes you happy. 

#2 SMILE Mantra 
SMILE because it doesn't cost a thing. A smile is a frown upside down. I love to see people around me happy and that's why I like to try whenever possible to add that little dash of humor to a sad or serious moment.  

Bach-Brahms- Beethoven, Metallica-Mumford and sons- Mika, Etta James- Charlie Parker- Louis Armstrong, The Beatles- Dylan- ABBA,  JT- Jay-Z - P Diddy, A.R.R - Anirudh - Vishal and Shekar , Guetta-Garrix- Infected Mushrooms
Yeah you get the point. 

#4 Don't stop at NOTHING
I may not have been born with the brains of an IITian but if I decide on something there is practically no way I'm going to change my mind. If I set out to do something I will not stop till its done. There have been may times when I've had my ego dented and almost accepted defeat but that's what family is for - to give you that much needed nudge and the will to go on.   

#5 The Lazy Daisy
I take the liberty to be a lazy daisy. But work will be completed when it is expected. People have stopped freaking out when they see me sipping on ice-tea and surfing Memes right before a deadline. 

#6 Extended EXILE
I send myself on self-EXILE every now and then. I go off grid, stop answering calls, stop using social media. I use this extended period of inactivity to re-focus, prioritize and plan the immediate future and refresh my mind. Everyone has those life goals which need to be reviewed every now and then. 

#7 Live and Let Live 
I think one of the simplest ways to stay happy is to just live and let live. I don't hold grudges. Grudges weigh you down and make you that much more miserable.The faster you come to terms with a friendship gone sour or a relationship that went south the happier you are. Karma will get even eventually. 

PS: I LOVE stationery! 

     So there we are! Now you know me a little better even if you don't know me at all. 
Do take the time to check out the fabulous blogs I've nominated by clicking on the links above. These are intelligent people with thoughts that inspire and pictures to make an impact. It takes a good deal of effort to effectively transform thoughts to words and these bloggers do it best. 

If you've some words of encouragement or a little criticism do comment below and don't forget to +1. For more posts subscribe to Van der Wrote by clicking on the links in the sidebar. 

Merry Christmas everyone!
Spread the love and peace. 
Cheers and regards 
Divya Menon @ Van der Wrote.