November 28, 2014

Give Us This Day Our Daily Brew

         A popular tagline - 'A lot can happen over coffee.' Most of us are bound to assume the 'lot' to mean progressing love stories. If we can fall in love with people over a cup of coffee can we not fall in love with a "SPACE"?   
          Once a friend and I were walking along an almost desolate St.Marks Road on a pleasant Sunday morning in Bangalore. Many of the popular watering holes were shutting down or cleaning up from the previous night. We had a long day planned ahead and we were looking for a place to grab a hot cup of tea. I, for that matter, like many people, cannot begin my day without my hot cup of tea. We stopped every few buildings to stare into our smartphones, looking for a place to have breakfast as joggers ran past us and mongrels stood looking longingly for a biscuit or two. 
         The popular restaurant-finder app that we were using finally showed us two places - one being a popular sandwich joint and the other being the 'Indian Coffee House'. After a long debate we finally decided on the coffee house.Coffee is always a good idea! 
          The Indian Coffee House was tucked away in a commercial complex. It had the ambiance of a private club during the Raj. I could imagine scenes where revolts were being planned in hushed tones and gentleman exchanged pleasantries over cups of steaming hot beverages. The furniture was simple, perhaps colonial and so were the archways. 
          The first thing that hit me while I entered the dining area was the rich welcoming smell of freshly brewed coffee. My friend wasn't a romantic like I was and was more interested in the menu. A waiter in his vintage coffee house uniform took our orders, nodded in agreement and disappeared into the dimly lit kitchen. I looked around the room, which was relatively empty, observing the customers. Some of them seemed like regulars who sat at their usual corners or window seats and scribbled away in their leather bound books while they waited for their food to arrive. Some sat sipping on their brew reading bestsellers or talking to colleagues or friends. 
         I could feel the culture and creativity surround me - so much positive energy.The Indian Coffee House seemed to be a place that might have inspired some of the best literary works or ad jingles. I absolutely loved every passing minute. Our brews arrived ; the food was wholesome and lip smacking. Now the coffee house was dealing with a steady flow of families stepping in for Sunday brunch. We drank, ate, paid our bills and left. 
         I love this place so much that I made up my mind to make this a must-go place during my future visits to Bangalore. 
        I would encourage every other romantic and creative person like myself to spend some time at the 'Indian Coffee House'. I guarantee you will LOVE it too. 

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Drink Some Coffee. LOVE. Weave a story. and Be #IndiSpire(d).