November 26, 2014

5 Signs That a Deadline is Round the Corner

Its been a while since I wrote a post and apologies for the long absence. Its been traumatic in the last couple of months but now I am back to churning out some fun articles in the coming days.

Whether or not you plan your course of work up to a deadline the last minute frenzy is almost inevitable. Even if you have all your work done the tense atmosphere before a deadline is always infectious. Most of us will have that uneasy feeling deep down of not having done enough. 
Read on for the 5 Signs of a deadline round the corner. 

#1. Here a cup, there a cup, everywhere a cup cup!

Caffeine is the answer to pre-submission panic so anyone living with an architect/ architecture student would notice a proportionate increase in the number of coffee mugs piling up on the work table. This generally means pulling an all-nighter because we desperately need to get something together for a review which is in less than 12 hours. What can be better than those dozens of cups of coffee to keep us awake?

#2. Inactivity/ Over activity on Social Networking sites.

Anyone who has architect friends on social networking sites might occasionally find their news feed flooded with random posts about music, movies and midnight snacks? Definitely a night before a submission. There seems to be no progress on the work front so Facebook and Twitter seems to be the best place to get some inspiration. On the other hand, you may find your hyperactive architect friend go into an indefinite period of hibernation because they just realized they had a whole lot of stuff to get done in order to pass the review the next day.

#3. Doubts about what day and date it is.

The last few days before a review/submission is always a blur. Practically every hour counts. So you will find some of us asking what day it is just so we are absolutely sure we aren't running out of time. Its absolutely normal for an arch student to ask you if its 7AM or 7PM. 


You've probably smirked at those girls in adverts for concealer and BB creams with over exaggerated dark circles. Spot your architect friend looking like Wednesday from the Adam's Family? That friend has had less than three hours of sleep in the last 72 hours and believe me ain't nobody got time for makeup. Dark Circles are so Rad anyway. 

#5. Dude. Where's my phone? 

Your architect friend has not answered your call in the last two days. Do not panic. His phone is probably lost under a pile of cardboard or rolls of paper or just hasn't been put to charge in a days. A frantic search for the buried phone will start as soon as the need to call the plotters arises or maybe when the alarm goes off. You can be sure a deadline is a few hours away. 

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