June 18, 2014

(Class)ified - Kinds of Students in Architecture School

     Every class in Architecture School has different kinds of students. Some who like to make their presence felt and some who you didn't know existed in your class until one day you saw them outside your exam room. But a class will not be complete without each of these characters.

#1. The Dreamers
Every class has one of these guys. The dreamers generally grab the seats closest to the windows preferably at the back of the class. You will spot them constantly staring blankly into space or just looking out of the window. They are so engrossed in their thoughts that they forget to answer attendance or realize someone is talking to them. Most of the time they have absolutely no clue about what is going on and are always confused about what to do about their projects.

#2. The Thinkers  
Perhaps Auguste Rodin's statue stood up and walked into Architecture School. These guys are on another plane all together. They think up the most complicated ideas and design philosophies that you wonder if they applied for a PhD but walked into the wrong class. These quiet listeners always have their work well researched and will have an answer to anything you ask them about it. They do nothing without reason. NOTHING!

#3. Literal Lucy and Commander Obvious
Literal Lucy is just a little too literal for her own good. In the name of inspiration, these lasses will churn out buildings that look like clouds or flowers or mushrooms, quite literally. Commander Obvious will tell you the most obvious things about everything and I bet they've been asked the question "Isn't that obvious?" at least once every day. They are the guys who tend to say things like "Solar panels convert energy from the sun into electricity!".  Like DUH!!

#4. Last Minute Lancelot 
You walk into the class room on submission day and you almost bump into someone darting across with a hard drive in one hand and a T Square in the other. Meet Last Minute Lancelot. This person lives life at his own pace. You can expect him to be the guy who does a mini parkour routine before sliding into an exam hall just in the nick of time to save himself from failing.

#5. The Negotiator
Trust these guys to talk their way out of any situation they find themselves in. Be it bargaining for an extension or asking for an increase in site area. They can put a point across with such tact, even if they are wrong, you can't help but give in. #hostagesituationresolved

#6. The Meth Cooks
This species is so secretive about everything they do that asking them how they are is like asking for one of their kidneys. When asked about project work or how their deign is coming along meth cooks will give you typical answers like "Oh you know! Its coming along.....you know...." or conveniently change the topic "I haven't done much....had my grandparents over for the weekend....you know...Oh my gosh! Are those new shoes?". They work design like a business. They seem to be in the same boat as every one else but do not be fooled for in their basement is a batch of blue that's ready to ship.
That kid who reminds the teacher about homework and always shows up with lots of work on submission day.

#7. The Jabber-naut
These folks can talk and talk and talk .....and talk. They can present a design for a whole afternoon if given the chance. From describing their idea to the different greens in their landscape they can go on and on. So bring a pillow along for the next time they present. At least you won't get a crick in the neck falling asleep in your chair.

#8. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Snide
Every class has that one person who constantly passes snide remarks about everything and everyone. Mr. Snide is loud and uncouth and lives to run people down. Yet their own work and ideas would make poor Van der Rohe turn in his grave.

#9. Little Miss Princess
Invariably a girl who everyone wants to be yet don't want to be. This girl will spend a fortune on best quality materials: pens, pencils, handmade paper, any kind of stationery she can lay her hands on. She has probably bought the professors and her friends too! This person is meth cook royalty. So you get the drift.

#10. Mix and Match Copycat
These guys have absolutely nothing original to offer. They have zero imagination and have no inclination to apply their grey matter. So they use the easy way out and copy off everyone else. Don't be surprised if their design looks like Frank Gehry meets Le Corbusier because it is!

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