June 30, 2014

10 Things You Will Find Yourself Saying at Architecture School

   You are bound to meet a variety of annoying people at Architecture School and since murder is a crime the only way to vent all the frustration is sarcasm. Here are 10 things you will find yourself saying to people you want to punch in the face or want to erase off the face of the planet with black magic.

#1 What you say: Oh that's a really nice model you got there!

What you're thinking: You made a model? Seriously? Okay. Now I'd rather just go back home than fail! Thanks to you!!

   Yeah, so all of us have that one friend/classmate who will show up on submission day with a whole bunch of plans and sections and that incredibly detailed scale model and they will make it a point to rub it into your face. They're always so charming when they do ask and the model always looks really fancy, you really cannot comment otherwise.

#2 What you say: Very interesting concept! I would really like to see how this comes out.

What you're thinking: Please! Even a kindergartner can come up with better stuff.
        You know that very enthusiastic friend who asks you what your building'g concept is just so you'd ask them in return? Yes! those are the ones with the most ridiculous ideas on the planet and they want you to know it. They want everyone to know that they think they have found the missing link in the evolution of man.

#3 What you say: I think you will make a very good architect.

What you're thinking: You keep going like this and MY future as an architect looks very bright! Muahahaha!
      To the classmates you had in architecture school who made you wonder so very often what on earth they were thinking when they decided to dive right into the construction field. They are probably better off designing clothes or maybe sand castles?

#4  What they say: You're really not going to give that in tomorrow right?

What they're thinking: Oh I'm definitely giving it in tomorrow. I'm just making sure you aren't. *smirks*

      I'm pretty sure all of us has fallen for this classic con at some point in architecture school. I bet its the same sly fox that reminds the professor about deadlines and home work and who's always talking to the principal and walking around trying to look a very important person. They make sure all their work is done and they also make sure none of us have.

#5  What you say: That's some really nice detailed drawings you've got there.

What you're thinking: Right, So maybe I should use a hundred more line weights to beat that.

           There is always that one guy in the class who was born holding a mouse and a keyboard and whose first words were PLINE, HATCH and VIEWPORT. They always seem to have the most elaborately detailed elevator details and joinery using a whole range of line weights and templates.

#6  What you say: You're structure looks very similar to mine. What a coincidence!

What you're thinking: You ripped off my idea. I know it and I'm letting you know I know.

           It's incredible how people can just copy off other people's work and act like there's nothing wrong in getting a little inspiration. It's almost like they have a built-in photocopier in their brain and there's nothing you can do about it because they will just flatly deny any allegations of plagiarism. Some people are really devoid of a conscience.

#7  What you say: I really prefer working alone. You understand right? 

What you're thinking: No, I'm not antisocial. I just do NOT want to team up with you. That's it.

           This is for that boy/girl who will team up with you and then enslave you. You find yourself unable to deal with the constant nagging and complaining and bossing and its too late in the day to pull out so you grit your teeth and tolerate it till its over. I'm sure all of us who went to architecture school had to team up with that one person who was a pain in the neck to work with. Soon enough we find ourselves using this classic dialogue. "I like riding solo. Thanks!"

#8 What you say: You know, I totally agree.

What you're thinking: Hell no. You are an idiot! I have no choice.

            Not restricted to just Architecture School. This is for all those people who will tirelessly churn out facts and opinions that are so wrong and defend them so furiously you don't have a choice but agree with them and spare yourself another earful of nonsense.

#9. What you say: Nice shoes! *imagine fake Adidas*

What you're thinking: AdiBas? You really think we don't know the difference?

          So these guys are Lil Wayne's best buddies, always flaunting their *fake* Adidas and Jimmy Choo not to mention the Chinese rip-offs of the iPhones and Beats Audio. They just want everyone to know they are living the life of the rich and famous and will go to any length to ensure they own the latest tech and designer clothes. We aren't fooled though.

#10 What you say: Are you going to read that?

What you're thinking: Put the book back so I can borrow it and actually read it.

           Sometimes I stand in the department library and watch people borrow books I can bet they're going to use only as a temporary coffee table until its time to return it. Yet they will parade around the campus with the book in their hand just to let everyone know that they are such avid bookworms. We have an intellectual in our midst everyone! NOT!
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